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How to Show Fundraising Page Donation Total from Salesforce

Want to boost donations? Try adding a live donation tracker! It not only shows social proof but also lets people see how close we are to hitting our goal. It’s a proven way to encourage potential donors to chip in.

You can easily set up the donation tracker on your WordPress website, the totals update automatically after every transaction.

Here’s how it looks like:

The information comes from these field in Salesforce Campaign.

  • TOTAL : Value Won Opportunities in Campaign
  • SUPPORTERS : Contacts in Campaign
  • DONATIONS : Number of Won Opportunities in Campaign

Here’s the steps:
Install the Sawfish Plugin for WordPress. The plugin lets you show information real-time from Salesforce onto your WordPress website.

Create a Campaign record for your fundraising event. This will enable you to track specific totals for this particular Campaign.

Now, for all new Opportunities (donations) that are created, set the lookup field to point to this Campaign.

Copy and paste the Campaign record ID to the Sawfish plugin shortcode and add it your WordPress page.

You’ll need to use the Section layout shortcode.

We have a ready page code that you can use copy-paste for your campaign. You can easily customize the progress bar and text titles to match your theme color.

All set!

You can also set it show info from any of your custom fields.

Need help setting it up? Just send us a quick email and we’ll set up this feature for your website in minutes! No extra charges. 🙂

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