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Discover how organizations like yours use the Sawfish plugin to save time and costs on Salesforce-WordPress tasks.

“We are a labor union that represents more than 75,000 public service workers and care providers in Oregon. Sawfish plugin helps in making Salesforce data (such as union leadership rosters and steward lists) available to union members on our public-facing website.

Making this data publicly available helps members find and contact union representatives and stewards without requiring a call to the Member Assistance Center for help. This plugin allows us to display dynamic data on our website, even when that data changes frequently.

In the past we updated leadership rosters manually and they were always out of date. Customer support for this plugin was incredibly helpful, they offered quick personalized responses to questions and even suggested improved ways to fetch and display the data that we had not thought of.”

Sarah Schneider

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503


“We are a healthcare staffing firm in Dallas, TX, USA. We needed a plug-in that would allow for a direct API between our Salesforce and WordPress website that would be easy to build, maintain, and would include a real-time API call without any crazy coding or expensive software.

Sawfish gave us the ability to publish all our jobs in Salesforce onto our website in real-time, dramatically increasing the number of job applicants, candidates, and placements with our clients.

Upon go-live of the Sawfish integration, we saw immediate traction on our published jobs, as well as applications, candidate presentations, and overall job placements. Allen is amazing – very experienced, professional, responsive, and efficient – and the connection works like a charm!”

Frankie Farrar-Helm

Western Healthcare, LLC


“We produce Christian radio broadcasts and distribute Bibles worldwide. What caught our attention was the capability to automatically display Salesforce records on our website. This saves our office manager’s time from manually posting events on the website.

We showcase the stations we broadcast with, updating them in Salesforce as the single source of truth, instantly reflecting on our website. We utilize table and card layouts for this purpose, enhancing our productivity with Salesforce.

Additionally, we’ve implemented a Bible Distributor Login system, incorporating elements from Sawfish. While certain aspects of the system are user-friendly, customization requires HTML or scripting knowledge. However, the exceptional support has been immensely beneficial to us”

Austin Musser

Heralds of Hope
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