Easily Display real-time Salesforce data
on your WordPress Website


Super Simple Interface

Present information from Salesforce in style with a set of cards or a table. Take advantage of simple tools for setting up complex filters, get the right records you need. Easily place in posts, pages or a text widget in any section of your WordPress site.

Super Secure Integration

Sawfish is built using the industry's latest authorization framework, enabling you easily setup a robust connection to your Salesforce instance in just a few steps. Watch the information get updated real time with every change made in Salesforce.

Super Smart Design

Designed to integrate seamlessly with any WordPress theme. The fluid layouts update dynamically according to the screen size, your users get a unified experience on every device. Sawfish handles the heavy lifting for you.

Unlimited User Logins

If you'd like to restrict access, you can combine the free User Management functions in WordPress to build powerful membership pages. When users login to your WordPress site, they only see their records. Yes, you can create as many users as you like! Perfect for sharing real-time data securely with thousands of team members/volunteers who don't have Salesforce access.

Use Salesforce Fields in WordPress Content

You can now build pages combining page text with Salesforce field values. Include the name of the fields inside your pages in the {!FieldName} format and have it loaded with real-time data from Salesforce! You can have field values in your text content, custom HTML or JavaScript. This means you have full control on the style, format and design. Style it to your liking!

Calendar View with Links

Now your clients get to view records in Monthly, Weekly, Daily and List views. Best of all, you get to update dates and timings in Salesforce and have the info updated real-time on your site! Easily link events to registration and RSVP pages.

Update & Create Records from WordPress

Edit both custom and standard object records from WordPress. Update and Create Salesforce records in real-time from WordPress pages and posts. Pre-populate form fields and enable users to update their data.

Create Fun Layouts

Wow your users with layouts that automatically match your WordPress theme. Present live data from Salesforce, the Calendar layout lets your users quickly filter views based on any field that you select. They can view and register to your events in the layout of their choice. Build super responsive pages that instantly adjust to the screen size. Zero code or clunky iframes needed.

Ultra Portable

Easily display information of any field from both standard and custom objects, with Sawfish you get features of a sophisticated Salesforce website integration that usually takes weeks to build. You get all the benefits packaged and accessible to you in a simple installable plugin.

Easy-to-use interface

Sawfish includes user friendly set of options for building Salesforce queries, without the need for code. Just pick the object you want to display, select the fields and simply drag and drop to rearrange the way you need. Sort by any field, fine-tune the results by specifying additional conditions.

Yes! Tables option as well

Want to show the records in tables instead of cards or calendars? We got you covered. Every layout arranges beautifully - complete with a powerful, lighting fast search option. This means your users can find the exact record, instantaneously, by any field. You can also link these Cards and Table rows to detail pages that show more fields!

Add Salesforce fields Dynamically

You can create your own custom sections in addition to the Calendars, tables and card layouts. Insert the same {!FieldName} merge field format used in Emails onto your text, HTML or custom scripts. Build anything you like with real-time Salesforce data!

Works with your favorite page builder

Using a drag and drop editor page builder plugin? We have detailed step-by-step in our docs section so can easily insert Sawfish layouts onto your page builder sections!

Using a drag and drop page builder plugin?
We have detailed step-by-step instruction in our docs section so you can easily insert Salesforce layouts alongside your page builder sections!

Frequently Answered Questions

Do I need to know Salesforce code to use this Plugin?

Nope, Nej, Nein. The Sawfish interface is designed to make it easy for anyone to build a query and have it translated to Salesforce-speak to retrieve the exact information your need. If you have published a page in Wordpress, you are all set!

How do you connect Salesforce with the WordPress website?

Sawfish uses OAuth 2.0, an authorization framework, the same used by Salesforce, Facebook and Google - to securely connect your Wordpress site to your Salesforce instance. This enables you to perform queries and read records, remotely without saving your login Usernames or Passwords on your website.

What is a Connected App? Could you help me set it up?

Connected App is a feature in your Salesforce instance that lets you manage outside connections. It manages the integration with WordPress, giving you flexibility to revoke anytime. We have easy to setup instructions in our documentation section about connecting the plugin to your Salesforce instance. In case you'd like assistance, we are happy to walk you through the steps.

I want to have 17 fields on my table, would it still look good on an ancient iPhone 4s?
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Yes! Sawfish has smart layouts that are designed to work well on smaller screens as well. Keep those fields coming.
┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

Does this Plugin work with all Salesforce editions/versions?

A few editions don't support API Access needed to connect with your website. It would NOT work if you have Contact Edition, Group Edition or Professional Edition. Click here for an easy way to check your Salesforce edition.

We have NPSP, Salesforce for Non-Profits. Would this WordPress plugin work for us?


The Calendar event colors are quite ...fancy

You're welcome! Our designer drank a ton of coffee to make sure it looks as vibrant as possible. You should totally check out his portfoli.. how do I change it?

The event colors are completely customizable so you can set it to show your brand colors.

See How it Works

Advanced layouts, logins, links, images, youtube urls - all from Salesforce. You can see your requirements on a live site so your team can check it out before install. Send us a quick email with a short description of what you'd like to

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Non-profits, Educational Institutions, Business Owners, WordPress Developers, Web Designers and Salesforce Admins are creating data-driven pages with Sawfish plugin.

At first we wanted to use the EVENTS CALENDAR plugin and download salesforce events with .ics as it is not possible to connect salesforce data yet.

Sawfish plugin helped us add a salesforce calendar that is updated automatically. The view is very cool and the new feature to filter with fields and added color options is amazing progress!

I also want to add that the after sales service is very impressive, Allen spent a lot of time to hear me and find solutions, this is the first time I have had help like this."

Jeremy Petoux


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