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How to Add Volunteer Calendar Data from Salesforce to WordPress Website

Update: Setup a Salesforce Nonprofit Website Integration for Volunteers in 2022

This guide works best for organizations using the Salesforce NPSP and Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) add on. If you use your own custom object to manage events or volunteer shifts you can use the steps to add your Calendar on WordPress as well!

Volunteer Calendar Salesforce Plugin

Salesforce for Non-Profits comes with a free add on to manage Volunteers. Once you have entered upcoming shift date and timings on your Volunteer Shifts object you may want to share the same on your website.

Integrating Salesforce Volunteer as a Calendar on your site

Salesforce NPSP uses the Volunteer Shift object to manage timings that will go on your calendar.

Integrating Salesforce WordPress Calendar NPSP Volunteer

This is the default Shift Calendar view on Salesforce NPSP.

Using Sawfish plugin, we will build a Calendar on WordPress that matches our existing theme.


Click the Add New Layout option below Sawfish Connect. We can query any salesforce object to display on the WordPress page.

wordpress salesforce integration plugin options volunteer

In the Select Object option, pick Volunteer Shift

Now we’ll select the fields to display from Salesforce

fields volunteer salesforce wordpress volunteer

Select :

  • Volunteer Job
  • Start Date and Time

We would need these two fields for the calendar. You can optionally select any of the additional fields to show more info on the Calendar.

In the Show Records as: option select Calendar

calendar popup salesforce volunteer wordpress website integration

We’ll show additional information about the work in a popup. Select : Total Volunteers and Description. We can select any other field as well!

We’re all set! Copy paste the code onto your WordPress page

salesforce shortcode wordpress plugin

The Calendar is ready on our WordPress page, complete with the popup showing the additional info.

Volunteer Calendar Salesforce Plugin


If you’d like to change the colors, the plugin also gives options to  add event colors that match your logo and branding.

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